Queen of Palmyra


Fun fact! I was almost named Zenobia. Given that the empress who is my most famous namesake spent her time Game-of-Thrones style offing her entire family and then a series of lovers, Zenobia might have been a better role model. Seriously, this lady held off the Roman Empire, annexed the southern part of Egypt, and cultivated a thriving arts scene while she was at it. Talk about multi-tasking.

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Mrs. Darcy


Over the weekend, my family lost our matriarch. So this weeks comic is in honor of the wonderful, witty, absolutely incredible woman who was my grandmother, and commemorates how she word for word ruined one of my favorite movies as a pre-teen.

Love you grandma. And I’ll miss you so, so much.


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“That” Person


Ever had that person who sits in front of you on a flight and insists on slamming their seat back multiple times into your knee caps, just to make sure you can’t be shoved back any farther? Yeah? Don’t be that person.

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It’s Tourist Season


Seriously, don’t take a selfie with the elk, moose, bison, mountain goats, bears, etc. You’re going to get mauled. In other news I’m back! Sorry for the lack of comic last week, I caught the plague, but I’m better now, so thats what matters.

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