Rerun Special


In honor of the fact that I just finished the sawbones book, and because the oncoming holidays have made life fast paced enough that I didn’t have a chance to finish a comic this week, have this palate tingling rerun.

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Definitely not Vegan


Continuing my life’s work of putting the Victorian’s on blast. Know why we don’t have that many Egyptian mummy’s to study? You really want to know? IT’S BECAUSE THE VICTORIANS ATE THEM ALL.

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Queen of Palmyra


Fun fact! I was almost named Zenobia. Given that the empress who is my most famous namesake spent her time Game-of-Thrones style offing her entire family and then a series of lovers, Zenobia might have been a better role model. Seriously, this lady held off the Roman Empire, annexed the southern part of Egypt, and cultivated a thriving arts scene while she was at it. Talk about multi-tasking.

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