Vintage Bagels: Jane Eyre

Shout out to the straight lady who was so offended the first time I posted these comics that she messaged me to make sure I knew that Gals could be Pals. I hope she sees these and has to consider the homoerotic implications of the Bronte Sisters work all over again.

A small announcement, Bagels and Coffee is now on tapas! The comic will still be posted here, but if Tapas is your preferred method of comic reading you can check it out here.

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Jane Goes on a Journey of Self Discovery


Last Jane comic for a while I swear, but like… I’m not wrong. My girl has a thing for every woman she comes across.

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In Which Jane Dismantles the Fundamentals of Religion


The comic and Jane Eyre are back! This week Jane probes into theology while her poor friend is just trying to die in a picturesque and highly victorian manner.

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Some Sort of… Side Walk Slam!


One thing I love about Jane Eyre verses other Victorian literature is that while most of this era’s protagonists suffer their put upon orphaned state with saintly grace, Jane will have none of that. She’s ready to throw down at the drop of a hat. No parent, no problem, she’s got fists.

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